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Courses 1993-2016

1993 — Harkiv (Ukraine)

1994 — St. Petersburg (Gromovo), Irkutsk

1995 — St. Petersburg (Zelenogorsk)

1996 — Uzgorod (Ukraine)

1997 — Samara, Irkutsk

2000, 2001, 2003 — Moscow

2005 — Moscow, Elista

2007, 2008Moscow

2009 Kaluga, Irkutsk
2010 St. Petersburg, Kaluga

2011 — Moscow, St. Petersburg (Priozersk)

2012 — Moscow, St. Petersburg

2013 — St. Petersburg (Priozersk), Kaluga

2014 — St. Petersburg

2015 — Kaluga, St. Petersburg
2016 — St. Petersburg (Priozersk), Kaluga

Usually summer retreats duration is 10-14 days. Retreats are welcomed for all interested not only professional artists. According long-years experience artists at their heart and people who are genuinely interested in Buddhism have excellent results. This is really more important than the skills of painting. In addition, the practice of painting is very conducive to the development of visualization. Gega Lama said that if someone has painted at least one Buddhas figure-this is a great merit. The course consists of practical exercises (drawing of Buddha head, the figure of Buddha Shakyamuni, the teacher of school which you belong; figure of Bodhisattva) and a lecture course on the symbolism and history of thangka-painting. Your belonging to particular Buddhist tradition not restricts the thangka-practice because the proportions are universal.

Materials for beginners:

1. Whatman-paper A2
2. Board for drawing
3. Pencils 2H, H, HB and max B
4. Pair of compasses
5. Eraser
6. Ruler
7. Angle
8. Notebook and pen for notes
9. Rough tracing paper for a pencil
10. Sandpaper and knife for sharpen pencils
11. Drawings or photographs of your own works if possible (because it interesting to see!)

Materials for advanced studentsall the same and some more:

1. Drawings
2. Stretcher about 60x70 cm
3. Fabric (very thin cotton, for ex. lawn or coarse calico)
4. Glass for polishing the canvas
5. Thick fishing line
6. Needles, white thread, scissors
7. Whatman-paper about 50x50 cm
8. Compassesinsert for drawing the large diameter circles
9. Paints (gouache, watercolor), brushes (squirrel, kolinsky) from №0 up to №3, bowls

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1995 Zelenogorsk (St.Petersburg) 1996 Uzgorod (Ukraine)

1997 Samara 1997 Irkutsk, Siberia (village Shamanka)

1998 Zelenogorsk, course of elder students 2000 Kunsangar (Moskow)

2001 Kunsangar (Moskow) 2003 Kunsangar

2004 Kunsangar, course of elder students 2005 Kunsangar

2005 Elista, Kalmykia 2006/2007 Kunphenling (Moskow), new-year course of elder students

2007 Kunphenling (Moskow) 2008 Kunphenling (Moskow)

2009 Kaluga   photo...   photo...   photo...   photo...  photo... 2009 Irkutsk, Siberia

2010 St. Petersburg   photo...   photo...
Video Part 1 ... Part 2 ... Part 3 ... Part 4
2010 Kaluga   photo...  photo...

2011 SPb (Priozersk)  photo 2011 Moscow (Gar)  YouTube

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2012 Moscow  Photo 2012 SPb 

2013 SPb (Priozersk) 2013 Kaluga

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The opening of Exhibition YouTube Course Photos... Photo
2014, St. Petersburg — G A R D R I — 20 years in Russia

2015 Kaluga 2015 St. Petersburg.  Video Lection (beginnig) ... (end)

2016 St. Peterburg, Priozersk 2016 Kaluga

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