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GARDRI — 20 years in Russia

Tibetan thangka-painting tradition according to the Karma Gardri style

This site gives information about thangka-painting according Gardri, or Karma Gardri style. When this tradition came to the Eastern world it found many devoted followers in Russia.

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The “Russian school” of Tibetan traditional thangka-painting creating by Marian van der Horst-Lem

In the beginning of 1990s, artists from St Petersburg began to study thangka art by themselves — they tried to paint first in Mongolian style, and then in Tibetan. When they offered their works to Lama Ole Nidal he was excited and a little bit puzzled, as he knew that it was important to study thangka-painting in peculiar style under competent master. So, Lama Ole promised to find them some master in thangka-painting. Eventually, Netherland artist Marian van der Horst-Lem accepted the proposal to visit Russia. By that time Marian was completed master in thangka-painting in Karma Gardri style and had some experience in holding thangka-painting teaching courses in USA.

Her visit was long-expected. But actually, her first visit organized by Victoria Loshkareva (St Petersburg) was to Ukrainian city Harkiv in 1993.

< Marian van der Horst and Victoria Loshkareva (ridgt), Moscow, 2003

After that, in 1994, first retreat in Russia — in St. Petersburg was arranged by Petersburg painters Tatiana and Mikhail Krizhanovsky. They were the key followers of Karma Gardri tradition who had became the official Marian’s successors and received her permission to teach others.







< Mikhail and Tatiana Krizhanovskiy. Photo: Kunpenling, under the Moscow, 2007. (After the Mikhail passed away in 2010, Tatiana continues her mission alone)





< Since the 2008, Vadim Gudkov teaches the thangka-painting in Moscow. Photo: Vadim Gudkov during the Moscow retreat, 2012





< Since the 2011, Alla Fadeeva teaches the thangka-painting in Kaluga retreat centre. Photo: Alla Fadeeva during the Kaluga retreat, 2009

So since the beginning, for more than twenty years, about six hundred students have been participating few tens courses under Marian van der Horst-Lem guidance.  The courses took place in different cities and towns of Russia and former Soviet Union countries. See RetreatsBecause of Marian generosity and devotion many people could join this unique ancient tradition.

But in fact, many students of Marian van der Horst-Lem took part in preparing and  organizing of her courses:

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